If you’d have told me at the start of the year that I’d get to know best selling author Suzanne Brockmann, I probably would’ve called you crazy. And yet, here we are on September and she’s been on our podcast twice. The first time with her family was amazing. They were so fun and I love how creative they are individually and together…and it was so good it was two parts (episodes 89 and 90).

Suz’s is back this week and this time we talk about her author journey, which includes the fight to make sure her son, Jason, could see himself in her romantic suspense books. It’s a super fun interview that you should check out.

I also talk about the new Love & Luck podcast, which is essentially a gay romance radio play. The show just debuted today and I loved the sneak peek I had of the debut episodes. I’m already hooked on Kane and Jason’s romance.

Make sure to check out episode 102 today!