For episode 104 of Jeff & Will’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast I got to talk to Marshall Thornton and Joel Leslie about the audiobook for Marshall’s Femme. This book ended up on my radar because of Joel. When the audio came out he said I should get it because it was an important romance. Joel was right. I hadn’t read a book like Femme, which features an effeminate man, Lionel, in the lead role. The book tackles head on the discrimination that people like Lionel can be subject to. Check out the interview in this week’s show to find out Marshall’s inspiration for the book, as well as how Joel got involved with the audio. And, if you haven’t read this book–go pick it up.

In addition, Christina from Christina’s bookshelf stops by to spotlight some debut authors, Will and I talk about our recent trip to Sacramento along with a stop in L.A. to see Matthew Bourne’s The Red Shoes. I also talk about the latest goings on with Codename: Winger and the Changing on the Fly anthology that comes out on this Wednesday, October 4.

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