We’ve got a lot of great stuff going on in this week’s episode of Jeff & Will’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast. This week I had the pleasure of reading the debut book from Kris Jacen. I’ve known Kris for several years from her role as editor in chief at MLR Press. She’s made the jump from editor to author with Wait for Me and it’s a wonderful, moving read. It’s the story of a military man and a child care director who meet at a bachelor party and end up finding their happily ever after. It’s not an easy road (of course) and I loved it. I talk all about it this week. And I’m looking forward to interviewing Kris for an upcoming episode too so we can all find out about her jump into the world of author.

In this week’s show we’ve also got a super fun interview with Devon McCormack & Riley Hart where we find out how they started writing together, what’s coming up for them and much more. Plus we review a few books too!

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