I’ve gotten really into audiobooks over the past couple of years. Not only is it a way for me to have two books in progress at once, but I also really like the performance aspect of audio. Back in September, the Love and Luck Podcast was brought to my attention as in prepared for launch. I talked about it on the Big Gay Fiction Podcast as it launched and this week the writer/creator Erin Kyan, who is also one of the voice actors, is back for an interview with me to talk about how this romance story came to be. The romance of Jason and Kane is told in podcast segments that average about six minutes per week and it’s all conveyed through voice mails they leave each other. I absolutely love it! Jason and Kane have a delightful romance going, with such a little bit of magic sprinkled in (tune in to find out what that’s about). You can check out this week’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast to hear from Erin and you should also go check out Love and Luck.

In addition on this week’s show, Lisa from the Novel Approach is here with book recommendations plus Will and I review books from Keira Andrews, Silvia Violet plus Devon McCormack & Riley Hart (it’s my first Devon & Riley Book…why have I not been on that bandwagon sooner!), plus there’s lots more too!