It was a so fun to talk to Rhys Ford’s for this week’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast. I’ve gotten to know Rhys better over the past couple of years as we’ve talked at the Dreamspinner Author Workshop and GRL. This past Friday we talked for a couple of hours–slightly more than an hour that was recorded for the interview and then another hour or so of chat. Not only did I have to ask some question off camera about her latest, Rebel, to avoid spoilers for the audience, but we just ended up chatting about using Dragon dictation, the LA Times Book Fair, her dog who was distressed and everything that was going on at her house and much more.

One of the things that came up in our interview is that Rebel, which is Rhys’ first contemporary romance, is very much a Rhys Ford Romance. It’s not all sweet. These characters have a lot of baggage and aren’t going to have a fluffy romance. You might be wondering where the tomato trellises factor into this as well. That’s something that came out of the panel I was on with Rhys (as well as Christina Pilz) at this past October’s GRL. You’ll have to listen to the interview to find out more about the trellises… as well as Rebel. By the way, Rebel was the first book of Rhys’ that I read. I love her storytelling style. I love her take on romance. I’ll for sure be back for her other 415 Ink books to hear the stories of the other brothers. You can hear my review of Rebel in this week’s show too.

Also in this week’s episode, Will and I talk about the week that just went by, I review a book by Heidi Cullinan and we give our thoughts on A Christmas Story Live! and the last week’s finale of NBC’s The Voice.

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