As the Big Gay Fiction Podcast opens 2018, we are back with Rhys Ford in part two of the interview I did with her. This time out we hear about some of her influences, how she got started in the gay fiction genre and what’s coming up in the new year for her. She’s got a lot on her schedule and it’s inspirational to hear from authors who go for broke with their scheduling and what they want to get done in the year.

I also review a book from A.M. Arthur called Wild Trail. Will reviewed this a couple of episodes ago and his review sold me. I loved the book. I haven’t read cowboys in a while, but this one worked for me with the story of an actor and a former cop who now works on a dude ranch. I loved how A.M. wove the story together, the secondary characters she created and even the ranch setting itself. Wild Trail is the first book in a new series and I look forward to reading the next installment. She’s going to be a guest on the podcast in a few weeks and I look forward to talking to her about the book and her process.

Since it’s the first episode of a new year, we take a moment to look back at 2017’s books, the writing we did as well as some changes we made to help us become healthier. We also look forward with some of our 2018 goals to round out the episode.

It’s hard to believe we’ve done 117 episodes. It was just back in September that we celebrated number 100 and we’ve got the milestone of the of the 150th episode that’ll happen this coming August. It’s super cool and yet it doesn’t feel like 117 weeks since we started.

Here’s hoping for a fantastic 2018 for us all.

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