I love hearing about what inspires people to sit down at the keyboard and start writing. On this week’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast, I have that discussion with Kris Jacen. I’ve known Kris for a few years because of her role as the editor in chief at MLR Press. In late 2017, she released her first book, Wait for Me, which I adored. Kris talks about how the plot bunny for the story wouldn’t let her go or let her pass it on to someone else. I also enjoyed her discussing what it was like going through the editing process. It’s inspirational too because it just goes to show that everyone can turn that corner into being an author if they have the right motivation.

In addition this week, I review books from Heidi Cullinan and Jordan Castillo Price and Will and I both talk about the documentary, The Untold Lives of Armistead Maupin.

We also announce that we’re headed to the Los Angeles Times Book Festival in April. We’ll have lots more details on what we’re doing there as the event nears.

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In a side note, I’m happy to debut my t-shirt from The Ripped Bodice. I finally had the chance before the holidays to get a men’s t-shirt and as soon as I saw it on their website, I ordered it. So thrilled to have a t-shirt from one of my very favorite bookstores.