Even though I knew this would happen, it was a thrill nonetheless when The Hockey Player’s Heart came out as an audiobook at the end of March. This book, that I co-wrote with my husband, is my first novel-length audiobook and I love how it turned out.

I know some authors choose not to listen to the audio productions of their books. But after having proofed my others, I was game to listen to this one, Finn Sterling, who has narrated books I’ve loved by K.C. Wells and Sue Brown, does a wonderful job bringing life to Caleb and Aaron.

Not only does he do a great job of transitioning their age from teenagers in the prologue to men through the rest of the book, he also finds just the right emotions for them. In particular, his handling of the last act of the book was spot on. It might be embarrassing for an author to tear up hearing their work performed, but no matter…Finn brought that out of me and I’m happy that he did.

If audio is your thing, I hope you’ll download a copy of The Hockey Player’s Heart. You can pick it up at Amazon, Audible and iTunes.