A Sound Beginning by Jeff Adams

Voice-over artist Harry Moore is falling for his contractor. Can he win Diego’s heart and be his client at the same time?


Harry Moore has decided to take his voice-over business to the next level by hiring contractor Diego Ramos to renovate his San Francisco loft into a state-of-the-art home office and recording studio.


They hit it off immediately and Harry is soon hoping to make their business relationship a little more personal, but Diego has responsibilities to consider before he can date anyone, especially a client.


Can Harry and Diego design a sound future for themselves?


Type: Short Story / 11,167 words
Format: Ebook
Publisher: Pride Publishing

“I can certainly see myself re-reading this one a time or two when I need a light, hot read.” — Brandilyn, Prism Book Alliance

“For a very short read, I could tell you a lot about both the lead characters and am definitely voting for their HEA! … As I say, for its length, this has breadth” — Ruthie, Wicked Reads Review Team

As Diego stepped closer, Harry caught a whiff of the man’s cologne. Harry already had a small crush on Diego—a throwback to his first one. He reminded Harry of the lumberjack from the label on the paper towels his mom had always bought when he was a kid. That brawny man, in his red-plaid shirt with the beard and broad chest, had been Harry’s clue that he liked boys.

Ever since his first meeting with Diego, Harry appreciated the man’s easy going sense of style. He usually wore good-fitting jeans and either a long or short-sleeve T-shirt and work boots. The T-shirts were always bold colors and emblazoned with the company logo. Something about the woodsy-ness of the cologne today made Harry take another look at Diego.

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