Adventures of Jake #1 by Jeff Adams

Jake is a pretty typical college student. He studies a lot, works two jobs and would like to find the right guy to share it all with.

Work and love collide when the man he’s had a crush on comes into the comic book store where he works looking for a birthday present. They run into each other again at a birthday party where Jake’s been hired to entertain kids wearing a superhero costume.

Will Jake’s love of comics and superheroes get in the way of winning Michael’s heart? Or is Michael looking for a super man to put some fire into his life?


Type: Short Story / 6,601 words
Format: Ebook 
Publisher: JMS Books
This title is currently not available for purchase.

“Jake is kind of nerdy and shy, Michael a bit awkward ‘I’m not using to geeks being this hot.’ Together, they are both adorable and sexy (geek as top, always a favorite).” – Four star review from Lucy on Goodreads

“Jake reminded me just a wee bit of Michael Novotny of Queer as Folk fame, which made me love him all the more…” – Four star review from Lisa at The Novel Approach

“Light-hearted and lively, you can just picture them together and you can see Jake in your mind’s eye as a super hero.” – Four star review from Elise at