Make the Right Choice by Jeff Adams

Matt Blackwood never set out to become his father.

As heir apparent to the family architectural firm, he works long hours at the office and travels continuously to oversee job sites. Matt knows there’s more to life.

Bravely striking out on his own makes sense for him professionally, so why then is he so skittish about a more permanent arrangement with his long-time boyfriend Leo Morris? Could walking down the aisle make that much of a difference?

Matt and Leo, whose teenage romance began in the Hat Trick trilogy, must fight for what they want. The choices they make could affect the rest of their lives.


Type: Novella / 32,678 words
Format: Ebook 
Publisher: JMS Books
This title is currently not available for purchase.

“…fans of the series will not want to miss the story of how Leo and Matt (both of whom we first met in “Hat Trick“) found their happily ever after. … It is heartbreaking and beautiful.” — Brandilyn, Prism Book Allaince

Make the Right Choice may very well be one of the most unapologetically tender-hearted romances I’ve ever read. … The next time you’re in the mood for a heartwarming feel-good read, Make the Right Choice is a good choice.” — Lisa, The Novel Approach

“Dad, it’s taken care of,” I said, trying to not lose my temper. “Margaret’s handling it. She’ll keep me updated on the meetings with the city. She’s been in on all of them, just like I have.”

If anyone could handle the project, it was my sister. Margaret was the best project manager I’d ever worked with. Often times she knew the project better than I did because in her role she had to know everything.

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