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NYCGHA Participates in Pride 2005

The NYCGHA marched in the Heritage of Pride LGBT Pride parade on June 26, 2005. With the theme of “Equal Right. No More. No Less.” the parade went from 52nd Street and 5th Avenue, down 5th Ave to 8th street and then crossed 6th and 7th Avenue to get to Christopher Street before ending at Greenwich… for about 65 blocks.

To keep the crowds entertained, the NYCGHA players put on 65 blocks of street hockey. While the parade was moving, they would pass a ball back and forth and when the parade stopped, they would put down a portable street hockey goal and actually stage a scrimmage. No better way to get through 65 blocks of parade. Jeff marched in the parade, and played most of the way downtown even though he sprained his knee playing in a Tigers game the night before. The pics below show NYCGHA marchers as well as a couple other shots that Will took. To see more of the NYCGHA contingent, check out these pics.

In addition to the Parade, for Pride Week, Jeff coordinated a live TV segment with NYC’s 24 hour cable news channel NY1 to feature the NYCGHA. Jeff and six of his teammates appeared in the two live pieces (one at 7:15am and the other at 8:15am). In addition, two different package pieces were put together that aired throughout the day. Check out the video clips.

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