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Last night was the first time since August 4 that I did three games in one night, and it was a blast. Even better, unlike that August 4 evening, all three games were winners!

Things got started at 4 with a historic Ordinals game as we finally beat the Blizzard (5-2). We’ve been working on this for six seasons and it came together last night. We’ve ushered in a new strategy of trying to be a more defensively-minded team. Doug did some research in our past and came up with the strategy and it looked good in its debut last night. I’ve never seen us have such solid teamwork. It was nice too that we had a few fans on hand to watch the victory last night with Jimmy, Laurie, Roman and Kendall, his girlfriend, on the sidelines. If the team can play like this the rest of the season, we’ve got a chance at being more dominant–and possibly keeping our D7A status.

The Tigers were up next at 5:30. This was a shut out game that was 3-0 against the Rockets. It was nice to go from the speedy D7A game into the D8 game. I was paired with Mikey on D, and while he didn’t like the D very much, he played quite well. I managed to pick up on assist in the game with a pass I sent to Grigory. Jimmy also watched this game, from the bench this time. He’s going to try and work with me Wednesday on the shooting and passing concept. Ultimately that will give me a better shot… hopefully I’ll get the fundamentals down before the current sequence of Bluestreak ends.

After a bit to eat with the Tigers, the Wizards were up at 10. This was another shutout game with the Sled Dogs going down this time with a score of 4-0. Another fun game to play. I’ve enjoyed being paired with Jim the last couple weeks on D, we seem to work well together. This is also the first game I’ve been on the same team as Andrej and that was a blast getting to work to support his talent instead of having to defend against it.

I don’t get to do another triple until December 22. Hopefully it will be as good as this one.