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A Four Letter Word, a nice, independently-produced romantic comedy. There three stories in play here: Luke is a party boy (rightfully called a gay cliche early in the film), but he’s discovered there might be more to life than just one night stands; Peter and Derek just moved in together and are experiencing some of the pains that go with that; and Marilyn just become engaged to Bart and struggles to create the perfect wedding.

Luke’s story was the most interesting as he wrestled with having real feelings for Stephen and how that might affect his typical lifestyle. Luke had the best arc through the film and a really satisfying ending.

Peter and Derek had a more common, but enjoyable story, as they navigated how to join their households together and deal with each other’s quirks.

I wasn’t as sure of Marilyn’s true place in the story, except she was someone Luke, Peter and Derek could all help. Her story was the least interesting of the three, but she did give the other three some good scenes nonetheless.

It was fun to see Charlie David here. He’s a fave from Dante’s Cove and it was nice to see him in a role that didn’t resemble Toby. Jeese Archer played Luke (the same character he played in Slutty Summer a couple years ago… Jeese also co-wrote this film). I have to say that he might have the most perfect hairy chest ever (that’s my eye-candy moment for today… sadly I couldn’t find a good still shot to show here). And, one additional note: the theater we watched this in is actually in the film as part of an establishing shot of Chelsea. I don’t think that’s ever happened before… kinda cool.

Here’s the trailer for A Four Letter Word. The movie is rolling out slowly across the country, so be on the look out for it. Be advised, this trailer is rated R and should be considered NSFW.