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The great thing about getting past the half way point is that now it’s two dances per week. For week six, the stars had to do a dance they had not done yet as well as participate in a country-themed group dance.

Here’s my take of tonight’s dances, in order of performance:

  • Jason & Edyta: Jason did a cha-cha and it was great to see him truly dance separate from Edyta. I hadn’t really considered it until he talked about it in the rehearsal package, be he hasn’t been out of the hold with her much. It was nice to see him on his own. I agree with Carrie Anne, his arms need some work, but overall he continued to be strong.
  • Shannon & Derek: Ok first… Derek on the beach… hot! Okay, as to the rumba, I continue to like Shannon a lot. She may have hip issues, but her dances look great, her footwork is solid and she plays the role right. I thought this was sexy, steamy, greatness. It also gave me some goosebumps.
  • Marlee & Fabian: A second clunker. Marlee is having such a hard time with the Latin dances because she’s out of Fabian’s hold so much and I think she needs that for some critical guidance. I also think last week was a confidence blow that made this week’s mambo all the harder.
  • Cristian & Cheryl: Crisitan gave his best dance ever with this Fox Trot. It was so fluid. Cheryl created some great choreography that showed him off so well. I hope we get to see this again tomorrow night.
  • Marissa & Tony: Great to see Marissa slow it down this week with an enchanting Viennese Waltz. She did great spins and was very fluid until the final move to get her down to the floor, but that was pretty easy to overlook. She didn’t play much romance, but she did look happy.
  • Kristi & Mark: The season’s first 30 and well deserved. Len called their jive a “smorgasbord of dance.” Kristi is really starting to let go and look like she’s having a great time and Mark’s choreography was excellent. In particular I loved the bit in the first part where Kristi was dancing under his leg.
  • Mario & Karina: An even sexier rumba than Shannon and Derek’s It was spot on smoldering. Len and Carrie Anne counted off for a lift. I just don’t think that was a lift, I even went back to watch that again and I disagree. Kudos to Bruno for giving it the 10 they deserved.

Best dances: I go with Kristi and the jive, though I hope we see the great fox trot form Cristian again as the encore. Bottom two: Marlee and, it pains me, but Shannon too. I think folks will send Marlee home after two weeks of difficulties.

The group dance was pretty cool. Though I wish they’d figure out how to shoot these well because I always feel like I miss something.

Results show: Thanks to Will I have the lowdown on the results show. Marelee did go home (I wish that could’ve been different). Interestingly, Mario also ended up in the bottom two. Was the rumba too hot last night? Riverdance went “clipity-clopity as usual” and Ashely Simpson was “fine” with her one song and the kids were back again with their competition. Next week… two dances for each star.