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Back in February I read Blood Prince, the first of Tanya Huff’s Blood Books series featuring private investigator Vicki Nelson and her vampire partner Henry Fitzroy. I liked that book a lot. Well, I just finished the second book, Blood Trail, and I like that one even more.

This time out Henry asks Vicki to help friends of his who are being murdered. Of course, Henry being a vampire, he’s got some interesting friends. In this case, its the Heerkens, a family that runs a sheep farm in rural Ontario. What makes the Heerkens different is that they are werewolves. The Heerkens have lived for decades on the farm, being good neighbors and integrating into society (one of them is on the London police force and the teenagers are in school). But someone has figured out their secret and a marksman is picking them off one by one.

This book takes place a few months after Blood Prince. The relationship between Vicki and Henry is still in its early stages and its fun watching the way they interact with each other, occasionally tentative , occasionally feisty and occasionally just plan hot. And with Henry in the picture, Vicki’s relationship with her ex police partner Celluci is put to the test since she can’t reveal Henry or the Herrkens true natures.

Most of all what I love about the book is the werewolf plot. Huff weaves a rich bit of history around the wer and how their packs function, both at home and while out in the human world. Did you know the wer can only change from human to fur form they can’t be dressed or confined in any way. They also control their changes, it doesn’t just happen. Anyway, this all added to the great read.

Next up: Blind Fall by Christopher Rice