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Tickets for this fall’s staging of Equus starring Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths (he plays Harry’s uncle in the films) went on sale recently. I’m stunned at the top ticket price of $116.50. Even the cost to sit in the top/back of theatre is $61.50.

I realize this is a limited run (September through February) with two marquee names (plus Daniel is on stage naked for several minutes), but this big price is usually reserved for the largest of musicals. Even Pulitzer Prize winner August: Osage County, with a larger cast and longer running time, has a top ticket of $102. And, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ,with a number of stars in its cast (James Earl Jones, Phylicia Rashad and Terrance Howard), has a top price of $96.50. Equus seems to be setting a new high for play tickets.

The price structure of Broadway is crazy these days, simply pricing out people. Yet, I’m sure Equus will sell out quickly just like it did in London. I am disappointed since I wanted to see this production as Equus is be a very powerful play and this cast has won such raves. I’m just not sure I can justify that high cost, even for the back row. Maybe it will falter a bit at the boxoffice and there’ll be some discount tickets somewhere???