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As Will wrote on Tuesday, we were out protesting tonight against the passage of California’s Prop 8 tonight along with several thousand (reports put the turnout at 7,000-10,000) of NYC residents. The protest started at the Mormon Church on 65th Street & Columbus Avenue (across from Lincoln Center) and marched down Broadway to Columbus Circle.

I’ve marched in a couple of NYC’s Gay Pride marches and those had a party atmosphere. This was different as the crowd marched saying things like “Hey Hey Ho Ho Homophobia’s Got To Go!” and “What Do We Want / Equal Rights / When Do We Want Them / Now!” and “Two, Four, Six, Eight, Separate Church and Hate” and “Gay / Straight / Black / White / Marriage is a Civil Right.”

It was an amazing atmosphere as people took over Broadway during rush hour with signs, candles and chanting. I’m glad we went out and stood proud with everyone else looking for equal rights. Particularly touching to me (and I couldn’t get a picture of this because there wasn’t enough light) was the sign two men were carrying “Lily’s Dads Want to Be Married” as the pushed Lily in her stroller.

We’ll be protesting again on Saturday at City Hall as part of the National Protest Against Prop 8. Go to to find the protest in your area and let everyone know you stand for marriage equality.

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