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We’ve enjoyed the WPIX Yule Log since 2001. That was the year the Yule Log made it’s return to WPIX after being off the air since 1989 (it was brought back following 9/11). The Yule Log is a simple crackling fireplace with traditional Christmas music and it has been the same since 1970. We have it on Christmas morning while we open presents and prepare breakfast and it makes for great ambiance. Here is a sample of the classic Yule Log’s magic.

I just found out this morning, on CBS Sunday Morning (which to me was an odd place to find out about something happening on a non-CBS station), that the Yule Log is getting a major makeover this year. The hearth and fire are new It looks a little CGI-ish in the preview CBS had (unfortunately I can’t find any images to show here). Gone too is the holiday music, replaced by Christmas radio programs by Jack Benny and Fibber McGee and Molly to name a few. Of course, this takes the Yule Log away from being a lovely piece of background atmosphere and moves it more front and center since you’re supposed to pay attention to the programs.

CBS’ Mo Rocca did an on-the-street test of the new log vs. the old log. One tester put it aptly, saying, “You want your Yule log to relax you, not to challenge you.”

Sadly, I don’t beleive the new Yule Log will be part of our Christmas morning becuase this new one just isn’t right. Boo on WPIX.