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Huxley Vertical WebsiteEven though I work all day on websites, I do maintain a few websites on the side and occasionally get to build something new.

I picked up the Huxley Vertical Cabaret Nouveau CD back in September and loved it. But it got me wondering where the band’s website was. Sure they were represented on My Space, Facebook and a number of other sites, but they had no web home that was exclusively theirs.

I found that odd. Since I knew the front man’s boyfriend, I started up conversations about building a site for the band and Thursday night popped into existence.

It’s a web starter home that was put together so the band could talk about it at a show they had last night. It’s built on a solid foundation and over the coming weeks and months as some spiffier graphics and type fonts are added and more content about the band goes online it will be an even more awesome place than it is right now.

Stop on by and check out this great band. Makes sure to check out some of the audio and video clips so you can hear for yourself how sublime they are.