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TigersWhat a difference a week makes. Of the course of the past seven days I moved from chest congestion to having either tonsillitis or strep throat (the tests aren’t back on that one yet). Thanks to antibiotics though yesterday was the best I’d felt in more than a week. Luckily I had a low impact hockey day (lest I over extend myself like I think I did last week) with only one game, and it was a success!

The Tigers beat the Hotshots 3-1 in one of our best played games of the season. We had fantastic offensive pressure throughout the game. I am sad that the single goal against us happened while I was sitting in the penalty box. I got a little too aggressive defending against one of the Hotshots and gave them a power play that they capitalized on. No matter, within a couple shifts of being out of the box, we got a goal of our own to tie the game up. From there, we never looked back.

I not only had a blast playing last night, but I felt like I played well too. I had good energy and only made a couple defensive errors, which luckily didn’t result in goals for the Hotshots. I had some solid shots from the point too. I’m very happy to see that I’m improving all the time at putting strong shots on net from the blue line. Even better was that Al, Trevor, Adam and Laurie all fed me pucks because they realized I was open. During one of our power plays, Trevor and I even passed the puck back and forth a few times until one of us had a shot opportunity. This doesn’t happen a lot in D8 games.

Next week I’ve got the potential for a Wizards game, plus there’s a Ordinals game… and I’m finally going to make it back to Ronnie’s Ice after a couple of sick weeks.