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WizardsOrdinalsI played a lot of hockey yesterday—two games, plus Ronnie’s Ice and the 1 a.m. scrimmage.

Among the games, the Wizards game was fantastic as we took down the Hornets by a score of 9-4. We were even in points with the Hornets, but with six fewer goals against in the standings we were ahead of them. Now we are two points ahead of them and holding firm to our second place position in the division.

As you can imagine, it was a fun game to play in too. I got called in to play the game at 2 yesterday because it looked like they were going to be a little short and I’m glad I was able to do it. As I told Vince this week, I’m mad at myself for going to alternate status this season because I don’t like not being able to play in all the games. I’ve already said I want to return to full time in the spring.

I felt like I played pretty well for the Wizards. I was out for two of the goals against us, but there wasn’t much I could do about those. Besides that, it was a solid, well fought game for me.

The two non-games of the day were also fab. I was happy to get back to Ronnie’s Ice this week after taking two weeks off because of sickness. It was a typically light crowd and that made it perfect. There was a rapid fire set of drills, including one new skating drill that was particularly exhausting. The scrimmage was great, five-on-five, full ice with plastic-man in one of the nets.

I stayed late last night too for the Saturday Night Scrimmage. I played defense with Derek and it was some hard work as there were several players from higher division plus Jimmy from the rink played too. I took the puck away from him once and that was my biggest achievement of the scrimmage.

Playing SNS was the way to cleanse the bad part of yesterday’s hockey: the Ordinals 14-4 loss against Andrews Kurth. Yes, our slump continues as the team is now 1-11 for the season.  I did take the different approach of playing center last night, which I enjoyed even though it didn’t make a difference in the outcome.

Next week, I’m off from all things hockey as I’m travelling south to see family and friends in Alabama.