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[title of show] Hunter BellAfter my workout this morning I hopped on the computer to see what was new out in the blogsphere. My RSS reader showed that Josh & Josh posted a new batch of exclusive podcast interviews, including one with[title of show] co-star and co-creator Hunter Bell.

I immediately went to check it out.  You see, a few weeks ago Will and I had lunch with Josh K and since I knew that Josh knew Hunter I had asked him to find out if there was any truth to the rumor that [tos] was going to stage a comeback this spring.

The interview is great. Not only did Hunter talk about his upcoming film role, where he gets to play opposite George Clooney; but he also talks about the [tos] rumors. Sadly, there is nothing confirmed yet but it is something the [tos] team would like to do. I hope they pull it off. I’m waiting patiently to buy tickets.

The unexpected thing in this interview is that Josh actually called me out as the reason he was asking about the [tos] rumor in the first place. That was quite the surprise. Thanks, Josh, for the mention and a great Hunter interview.

If you’ve got a spare nine minutes, hop on over to the Josh & Josh site and listen to their chat with Hunter. They’ve also just put up interviews with author Tom Dolby and TV producer Darren Starr.