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I did one last email check, as usual, right before bed last night and there was some good news! The story I submitted back in November for the Nerdvana anthology was accepted. “Adventures of Jake #1” will be included when the anthology from STARBooks Press hits the stores in the fall. This is the first story I’ve sold for cash.

Meanwhile, there’s no news yet on Neutral Zone and its status at the Twenty-Sixth Annual Delacorte Press Contents for a First Young Adult Novel. I can’t decide if I should be encouraged or not that I’ve heard nothing and it’s  mid-March. The rules say “Writers will be notified between January and April as submissions are evaluated by the editors.” The winner (if there is one) is announced “on or around April 30.” I’m trying to stick with the “no news is good news” mantra for now.

I’m still working on the Untitled Dream Project, writing some scenes and sketching out the main characters to see what I have there. I’ve also hatched an idea recently for a story set within a reality show… too early to tell what might come of that idea.