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Bike PathI knew going into this week that biking was going to be difficult. The weather has been really crappy plus I was in Chicago for two days. Even with all that, I still rode for the commute on two of the three available days.

Monday was the weather day. It was rain, rain and more rain.

Tuesday I rode despite the rain. The radar looked decent enough in the morning that I rode in to work. Yes, I got misted a bit and didn’t care. After work, I rode to the LGBT Center in Chelsea because I wanted to attend the Lammy Awards reading. Happily I didn’t get wet on the way there… and I got to ride in some new places. Capping that off was that the Center is bike friendly with a couple of nice bike racks out front. I did get damp going home as I started the ride in a shower, but that dissipated about halfway.

Friday turned out to be a beautiful day, easily the best in 10 days. It was a great ride both ways. On the way home I discovered an easier way to get across 37th Street too. At least I think it’s easier. I’ll find out for sure as I try it next week.

Finally this morning, it was to and from the rink for hockey. Luckily the overnight rain cleared out just before I started the ride at 5:20. Tonight I’ll do that trip all over again.

Next week looks like I might be able to ride all week. There are a couple days of rain chances, but those are small. I would love a full five days of biking, so that’s what I’ll shot for.