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TigersWizardsOrdinalsLast night was a repeat of May 16, which means it wasn’t pretty.

The Tigers started the loosing streak of the evening with a 7-1 defeat handed to us from the Sled Dogs.  This was a weird game for us. We had to take care of an injury (broken leg) of one of our players mid-way through the first period. Once we got back to the game, our momentum had taken a hit and we never could get it back.

I played center for this game and it was fun to be back in that position. I also picked up an assist on the only goal we got in the game. Laurie passed the puck up and out of our zone. It was too far in front of me so I had to chase it down deep into the offensive zone. I beat Sled Dogs defense to it and made the centering pass to Mark, who’d shot down the ice with me. It was a great goal and saved us from being shut out. At the time, it also tied the game 1-1. Sadly we weren’t on the bench for 30 seconds when the Dogs took it to 2-1. It was downhill from there.

I had two other scoring chances. One was right as I hit the ice for a shift, the Sled Dogs left a puck sitting in their offensive zone that no one seemed to want, so I went for it. Unfortunately that one went into the goalie’s chest and the played stopped. Later I had a breakaway and I backhanded the puck and the goalie darted his glove hand out and caught it. It was a beautiful shot for me, and a beautiful save for him.

Next up it was the Wizards versus the Sled Dogs (yup… two rounds of Dogs last night). We lost bad here, 8-0. We just couldn’t get one past goalie Mitch and the more we tried to force it, the more the Sled Dogs could get breakaways because we were so focused on offense. It was a good strategy, because realistically you either have to get aggressive and start making goals or you’re just going to lose anyway.

Even with all the goals, I had a lot of fun in this game and felt I played well. I made some good defensive moves and had a pretty good run and holding firm on the offensive blue line. Sure, some goals got in on my watch, but I didn’t give up without some good fight. Got a good compliment from Brian last night too as he said I was a very deceptive defenseman. Yay!

Ordinals came up next, facing off against the Canucks in a 8-2 loss (I think that was the score…not 100% sure on that. I know we weren’t shut out, but I know the Canucks racked up quite a few too). As usual the Canucks put out a pretty amazing game. It was a challenge to keep up with their speed, but I did okay with it. The third was rough though becuase the tired started to set in because this game was a lot of work. It was great to partner up with Michael though. He’s a good, talkative defensemen and it’s good when I play with him because he guides me well.

Ronnie’s was good, of course, yesterday morning. Three lines, good teammates, good drills.

Finally, the skates are doing great too. I finally threw out the box because I know they’re going to work out. Next week I’ll bring the old skates home. I survived all three games last night in the new ones and my feet are none the worse for wear.