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Big Gay Ice Cream TruckI’ve been reading about it for a couple weeks now… The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.

How fabulous does that sound!?!

The truck made it’s debut in Brooklyn last weekend for Brooklyn Pride. Today was its first day in Manhattan (yesterday was supposed to be it’s first day but that was a rain out). Thanks to the marvel that is Twitter, I follow @biggayicecream and was able to easily know where the truck was this afternoon. So on my way to the rink to set up for Chelsea Challenge registration, I took a detour over to Union Square for my first BGICT experience.

The Nutella ice cream sandwich is amazing! I can’t recommend that highly enough.

The truck has all the regular ice cream truck treats, but also has some groovy extras. Here’s the rest of Friday’s menu: Blueberries (as a topping, or a blueberry shake!), Saba (with your blueberries), Ginger Crisps, Pretzels (have ’em on a sundae, with chocolate sauce), Dulce de Leche and Cayenne Pepper. Other toppings and surprises are supposed to roll in during the summer.

I can’t wait to get some more Big Gay Ice Cream Treats. It’s possible the truck may be in the vicinity of the Chelsea Challenge tomorrow, which would be fab. And, of course, we’re gonna have to go find it sometime when Will is with me. Meantime, I look forward to wearing my T-shirt with the groovy logo on it.

Here’s to a Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Summer…

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck