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TigersOrdinalsIt was a rough Saturday night on the ice.

The Tigers met the Hotshots, which featured a guest appearance by the Lions goalie Chris Brand. It was unclear how we’d fare against this goalie. Peter is difficult to play against so to see Chris in net was not a welcome surprise. However, we rose to the occasion and by the end of the second period we were winning 2-1. Laurie got a goal. Adam got a goal.

The team seemed to be playing solid. We had passing. We had tremendous pressure in the offensive zone. The D was keeping pucks in the offensive zone and doing a solid job of shutting down Hotshots offense, including their D7 players. Sure, they got a goal, but we were still dominating the game.

Unfortunately we fell apart in the third as the wind was knocked out of our sails. The Hotshots picked up another goal to tie it and then a couple minutes into overtime they picked up a third goal. And that was that. It’s too bad because we were looking so good, but that’s the way things worked out last night.I did love seeing so many Tigers players putting out a great game. Across the board we were working hard and making smart choices. I felt like it was one of my best Tigers games too, despite the fact that I had to get Alex get up from the stands and get my inhaler from my locker because I had some nasty breathing problems. Once the breathing was stabilized, the game felt good. My D was in solid shape and I had good backup when I pinched, especially with Steve, Dave and Mike.

Later in the night the Ordinals lost 10-1 to the Blizzard. The deck was stacked against us. First we had only eight players, which is never a good place to start. We also worked to the last minute to get a goalie. Luckily Bill got us the 7B Hornets backup goalie. He didn’t get much warm-up time, but Tim put up a good game against the ever-solid Blizzard. Despite the fact we were only eight, we stood up pretty well too. No, the score doesn’t make it sound that way, but we kept chugging along working as best we could to stop them and get some points of our own. There were actually some pretty good offensive moments, which mostly got no help from the D because we couldn’t afford to pinch much since there were only three of us and energy conservation was occasionally important.

I feel like I did pretty good in this game too. It was hard and fast, but the decisions were mostly sound. Energy wise I did okay too. Luckily the breathing stayed under control too because it would’ve been difficult to take more inhaler and be able to continue playing.

Next week there are no league games because of the holiday. I suspect the only play will be Ronnie’s Ice, which I skipped this week since we went out on Friday night.