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TigersBlizzard hockeyWizardsIt felt like a tournament weekend becuase there was so much hockey. In roughly 26 hours I played four games and had a blast doing it.

It started on Friday night with a Tigers game. Yes, the Tigers played on a Friday, as occasionally happens in the summer. We met up with the Rockets and, despite a pretty solid game, we lost 6-4. I was exhausted when I got to the rink having only slept for around 5 hours in the past 40 at that point (thanks to some work deadlines), but I pulled a pretty decent game out. I played center, got the opening goal of the game and picked up an assist and did fairly well I think on both offense and defense. Tiredness wasn’t my enemy here, it was my breathing again. The humidity was high (complete with fog on the rink) and my inhaler once again just wasn’t doing it for me.

Saturday opened with another Tigers game, this time against the Great Whites. This upstart team has come a long way from the first time we played them and our bench of 10 was overwhelmed by them. They beat us a sound 7-2. This time I was rested, but my breathing was still not up to par despite trying to change how I was taking the medicine. I played the first two periods on defense and shifted to center for the third. I feel like I delivered a decent game, just wish I could’ve figured out how to help offense a little more. Cool thing about this game: It was awesome to see Vicki back on the ice!

After that game, I should’ve had about an hour to relax, but I subbed in for the 7B Blizzard becuase they were playing short. I was their ninth player (and Nicky came in to make the 10th until another official player showed up as the second period got underway). This was fun. I like the guys on the Blizzard and it was a good time playing with them. I haven’t played on the same team as Danny in a while. And after trying to defend against Ben a few weeks ago when I was playing D for the Wizards, it was great working with him on the ice. The Blizzard lost 2-1 after a really close game. The Moose got their second goal with only seconds to go in regulation. I played wing here, which was very different for me. It took me a few shifts to adjust to it, but it felt like I did okay… even got a few shots on Peter.

Next it was on to the Wizards game, which unfortunately went a lot like the Tigers game, except the Wizards couldn’t get anything on the board. The Sled Dogs were tight last night and we could never get any traction against them. We lost 6-0. It was a frustrating defensive game for me. The first period I was making some really dumb passes. I’m not sure if I wasn’t thinking right, or just flubbing them. It got better by the second and Tommy made some good points about how the Dogs were coming in that helped me to position better against them. A frustrating way to end the night… but I still had fun with all three games.

Interesting side note: the breathing got better as the night went on. I think it might be time for a doctor’s appointment to talk about my inhaler situation though. This new “green” inhaler just isn’t cutting it.

Coming up next week: I might get in on the Ordinals game Friday night. I definitely want to hit Ronnie’s Ice on Saturday becuase I’ve missed it for a couple weeks and there’s Tigers and Wizards hockey on Saturday.