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TigersOrdinalsThe Fall 2009 hockey season opened at Sky Rink last night and both the Tigers and Ordinals played… and won.

Tigers had the first game of the day, playing the Great Whites, a team that dealt us some major losses last season while also giving us one of our best played games ever. This time it was the Tigers that came out on top with a 3-2 victory. We came out of the gate strong and pretty much owned the game start to finish.

I felt very strong in this game. My defensive choices were good and I made several offensive rushes. The rushes didn’t turn into goals, but there were shots on goal and good offensive pressure. I hope I can keep that up for the Tigers as the season continues. I did get hurt in the game. Late in the third I was racing to the puck along with an opponent. We got there at the same time and slammed the boards. I lost my footing and the other guy did too and acme down on top of me. In all that my shoulder got sprained a bit. I sat out the rest of the game to ice the shoulder. It is hurting this morning, but I think it will be fine by next Saturday… and it didn’t keep me from playing the next game.

The Ordinals took the ice later in the evening against Hegemony. We charged through this game, dominating it and ending up with a 7-0 win. I did have errors in this game, but they weren’t insurmountable and it was a lot of fun to be on this for this game and watch the Ordnials play so well. No rushes in this game, although I did shoot pucks in from the blue line. My shoulder held up okay too, although it did immediately kick in to hurt by the time I left the rink.

The morning Ronnie’s Ice session was great. With only 10 people, we got to focus on a few drills and then play small games, which made me quite happy. It was 4-on-4 half ice again with only one sub. I scored twice and had a blast being teamed up with Matt, Laurie, Bo and Ronnie.

I’m not sure what the schedule is next week. I expect the Wizards will open their season and at least one other team will play too.