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The Tigers had another great game last night as we shutout the Hotshots with a score of 5-0.

Besides the score, the other important happening last night was Laurie made her return to the Tigers having recovered from the injury she sustained back in October.

It was a solid game for us full of smart plays, good positioning and scoring. Adam had a great night getting a hat trick, including one goal off a penalty shot that he got when one particularly dirty hot shot felt it was his job to continually hook him through the neutral zone and into the offensive zone. I was glad that Adam got his goal as retribution.

I had a blast playing defense with Mikey. I though we made a good pair. I always knew where he was, and therefore knew where I had to be. We did a pretty good job of keeping Hotshots out of our zone, or at least not in it for long. The one guy we had to be careful of was Jonathan who did his best to get a goal and uttered the best line of the night as he was being crowded along the boards behind our net: “Oh come on, I’m tired.” (Or something close to that.)

Ronnie’s, of course, was fun. Laurie played the entire session, which was great. For me, I saw more of the changes in the game I saw last week. I had some solid shots during the drills, including one that went over Tommy’s glove. I played some good offense and defense in the scrimmage too. Andrew set me up with some great passes, a couple that blew but a couple that I made into goals too.

While I didn’t score in the Tigers game, I did feel a solid confidence with the game and my puck handling. I hope these next few weeks while Ronnie’s is still at 5 that I’ll build some more on this to take into the spring/summer.

In some other news, the Ordinals beat the Blizzard last night, which is fantastic and continues to solidify the team for this season. I didn’t play in this game since the bench was overbooked but was thrilled to hear about the win.

As the half way point of the season passed, my teams are in the best standing they have been in many seasons. The Tigers and Ordinals would be in the playoffs if those took place now, which is fantastic and I think both will make it in the long run. We’ll know for sure come March.