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Despite what you might think by its title, The Best Revenge by Andrew Grey is a wonderful romance. In this case, the revenge comes in the form of getting the life you deserve to have: the man you love, good friends, good family and good home.

It’s not easy to get there for antiques dealer Tyler and aspiring artist/gallery worker Mark. Tyler meets Mark when he comes to Mark’s family home to purchase antiques from his mother.  There’s an instant attraction between the two, but it takes a few days for them to act on it and get the first date set. Unfortunately on the date, a friend of Mark’s brother see them and Mark’s brother tell his mom. Mark ends up with no place to live, but of course Tyler takes  him in and helps him get back on his feet.

Grey created two great characters with Tyler and Mark. They were both turned away from their parents when they came out and that makes it easy for them to help each other. It is wonderful to watch this relationship grow from it’s earliest seeds, including the doubt the both have about it working, to facing homophobic attacks and ultimatley being able to settle down into a good life. I know it sounds like I’m giving away the end but in a romance there’s little doubt the couple ends up together. How Tyler and Mark get there is one of the most romantic and heartwarming stories I’ve read. These two are great together and they certainly know how to steam up the bedroom (and a few other places) too.

This is the second story I’ve read from Grey (the first was in Mistletoe Madness) and I need to get more.  He’s at the Rainbow Book Fair this weekend, so I’m sure I’ll be picking up a book or two there.

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