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This past weekend, with the help of the people who played in my Braking the Cycle hockey scrimmage, I managed to pass my minimum fund raising goal of $3,500!

Thanks to my donors who made this happen! Adam S., Adam K., Allison H., Andrey S., Ben W. Bill G., Brian K., Brian & Benji, Carolyn & Lisa, Chad A., Clint R., Courtney T., David A., David W., David S., Edward L., Elizabeth K., Elvis M., Gerry K., Gordon & Alicia F., Gregg A., Grigory T., Ilio K., Jack C., Jacob F., Jacqueline A., Jane L., Jason P., Jimmy W., John & Alex, John H., John V., Julia R., Justin L., Kay & Ralph, Keith C., Kendall W., Kristine B., Laurie W., Luca C., Mark B., Mark T., Matthew A., Meghan M., Mike G., Mike M. , Mike R., Neill S., Paul E., Rich P., Rich W., Robin S., Ronnie T., Stephanie K., Stephanie S., Steve C., Susanna P., Theresa S., Vanessa W.

I truly have awesome friends who have made this goal a reality. It’s satisfying to know that with just a month to go before the ride that the goal is met and that I can focus on training so that I can survive the ride itself.

However, I don’t mind the idea of blowing well past the goal because this is an important cause. You can still donate now online! Remember all donations benefit the HIV/AIDS services of The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center in NYC.

Thanks again to everyone who has donated so far. Much more to come on the ride in the coming weeks!