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The first time the Tigers met the Hot Shots this season, we suffered a sizable loss (6-3). We had our second meeting last night with a game that was much tighter. With 90 seconds to go in the second period we were ahead 2-1. The hockey gods were not with us though as coming off a timeout, the Hot Shots tied the game with about 30 seconds to go and then scored again mere seconds later. Despite a push on our side, we couldn’t get another goal in the closing 20 seconds and ended up losing 3-2.

I had a lot of fun playing D with Jonathan even though we were on the ice for two of the goals against. One was just a fluke bouncy goal that everyone did the right thing for but it went in anyway. The second one, which was the game winner for the Hot Shots, was one that neither Jonathan or I could quite figure out how that happened. I know I should’ve stepped up more on the puck just after the face off. If the aggression had paid off (and maybe it wouldn’t have), the puck might not have come into our zone. I had two choices–step up and move the puck or back up to prepare for the offensive rush. I picked back up and I think it was the wrong choice. Still I did play some good defense and even got four or five shots on goal.

Next week we’re off because of the holiday but I may pick up a scrimmage Saturday night.