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Some excellent news came into my inbox today. The short story, actually it’s being classified as a novella, Bicycle Built for Two was picked up by Dreamspinner Press for release later this year (looks like it will be published in June).

It’s always exciting to get a contract and I’m particularly happy this sold. The story is a romance between two guys who meet doing a bike ride that’s based on Braking the Cycle. All of my royalties from the story will be donated to the charity (and that’s true for not only this year, but for the life of the story).

I’m glad I was able to get something out rather quickly after The Dancer and Sexy Big Man too. Dancer got some good reviews and I’m hopeful that the readers from that story will want to pick up the new title. Coming up in a few days I’ll get the sales report from Q4. I’m curious to see how Dancer performed in sales and to see if it bumped up sales on 2009’s Rivals.

My latest quandary is if I should write the story that’s been gnawing on my brain for the past week or if I keep focused on my novel revisions, which is what I’ve been doing most of this month. I may put the novel aside when I finish the current revision task, write up the first draft of the new story and then going back to novel revisions while I let the new story rest a bit before I start revisions on it.

I have to admit, it is fun having to decide between two such fun and engaging tasks.

Of course, I’ll keep everyone posted as Bicycle Built for Two works its way through the publishing process.