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The journey towards September’s Braking the Cycle ride continues. I’ve been on the bike more and more since the weather has been more spring-like during the past month.

Yesterday was the second official training ride and, as with the first one, I exceeded my expectations. The 30 mile ride started at Chelsea Piers, went north along the Hudson River bike path to the GWB. Then it was over the GWB and on Jersey’s Route 9W until we hit the 15 mile point. There we turned around and returned to the start point.

It wasn’t the distance of the ride that worried me; it was the hills. The approach to the GWB from the Hudson River path is steep and last year I skipped out on that hill. This year I stood up in the saddle and peddled up that incline. I was proud of myself. It was a great workout and great practice for what is yet to come.

Fundraising is moving along. I’m currently at 43% of my $4,000 goal. Thanks go out to the following friends for getting me to that point: Allison Hamley, Benji and Brian Farrey-Latz, Brian Dinan, Chad Belicena, Cheryl Wray, David Ayres, David Wender, Edward Lawrence, Elvis Murks, Grant May, Howard Krulewitz, Jacqueline Andrews, John Viloria, John Haldi, John Mancuso, John Lewis, Keith Champagne, Michael Bukraba, Michael Russ, Rich Stein, Robb Riedel, Robin Stiskin, Stephanie Kung, Steven Candela, Susanna Prough and Vanessa Wanderlingh. Your support is much appreciated.

I still need a little over $2,200 to make my goal. Of course, I’d love to blow past that and raise even more. You can add to the total by making a donation online.

Coming up during the next month I’ll hold a fund raising hockey scrimmage, which is currently about 1/2 full. There’ll be a lot more riding as it gets warm enough for me to do longer rides before work. Plus on June 11 there’s a 40 mile training ride to do. It goes without saying that I’ll also be doing more fund raising. I’d love to be close to 75% by the time the next training ride rolls around.