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I just wrote a ridiculously long and rambling post about why I’m about to undertake a 90 Day Challenge. I deleted it all because it was just too ridiculously long and rambling and I’m going to keep it simple.

I’ve been feeling stuck for most of the year, like I’ve needed to make some big changes or something. Well, the time for change and becoming unstuck is now.

About this time last year I wrote my manifesto. Here is a quick summary:

  • Pay off all debt by my 40th birthday with income from writing.
  • Write and publish 50 stories in 50 months (1,000 words a day Mon.-Fri).
  • Use proper diet and exercise to put on 10 pounds of lean muscle mass by my 40th birthday.

How much of that list have I accomplished?

Absolutely nothing. Frankly, that pisses me off.

So, for the next 90 days I’m doing a little BIG experiment. If I bust my ass for the next twelve weeks and really focus, how much of my manifesto can I accomplish?

I’m hoping that it’ll be a whole hell of a lot. I’ll be posting almost daily about my progress. I think blogging about the process will help me stay focused and on track.

All of this may inspire you to make changes in your own life. It may also bore you to tears. At any rate, I’ve made my decision. This is going to be my journey for the next 90 days.