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This morning I headed off to the gym and Back day went as planned. The current workout routine I’m using focuses on one muscle group per day and I’ve had great results with it in the past. I’ll go into more detail about the program at a later date.

Strength training isn’t the only aspect of my 90 day challenge. My original manifesto also set certain goals for my writing. I recently sat down with my day planner and calendars (yes that’s plural, I kinda have a fetish for calendars) to map out which submission calls I was most interested in. In the next 90 days I hope to write and submit a minimum of four short stories and a novella to various editors/publishers.

At this point I don’t feel like I need a daily word count quota to reach my goal. If I just keep writing and moving forward, meeting the deadlines shouldn’t be an issue, though I may change my mind about this later.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.