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It’s been a long time since I played with my Saturday night teams–June 12 to be exact. In the five weeks in between I went to three ballets, played in the Chelsea Challenge (so there were no games for my teams that week) and there was the July 4 weekend (also no games). The time away was fun, but it was great to be back on the ice.

Boxers were the first up for a game against the Blizzard, the team we met in our very first game. The out come was quite different this time. They beat us 8-3 in that game; last night we beat them 7-3. Each side had their good players on the ice, but we were clicking well and it came together in a win.

I felt I played pretty well during the game. I had some bad wiffed shots/passes early in the game. Luckily nothing too bad happened with those. It was good partnering with Bill too. The Boxers is our first team to play together, but we’ve played enough scrimmages together that we know how the other plays so we do pretty well together. I picked up an assist during the game to as I cleared up the board to a winger who took the puck to the other end and scored. It was a quite satisfying game.

The Bombers ended up with a 3-1 loss to the Great Whites. The game started well with us getting the first goal and it took them a while to tie it up. Unfortunately they also picked up two others that we couldn’t answer. One of those happened as a allowed myself to stray way out of position trying to stop one of their key players. Unfortunately I ended up tripping up near the blue line and the play got completely away from me … and my defensive partner went down as well near the net. It was a very messy shift. I tried a few rushes  during the game, but just couldn’t put anything together. It was still a fun game, and it was good to be back with these guys too.

I for sure have one game next week when the Boxers take on the Thundercats.