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Back in October I mentioned that I became a correspondent for PuckBuddys covering the Detroit Red Wings. As the current NHL season gets near the half way point, I can say that not only have I had a great time writing for them–and bringing up topics like how good or bad an episode of Glee is on a Tuesday night the Red Wings play seems to affect the out come of the game–but its been incredible meeting the other contributors. Some of them I already knew since I play hockey with them here, but others from all around the country have been fun getting to know via Twitter.

This week, PuckBuddys took on a new, and what I think is pretty important, story to tell. In the “The Thin Blue Line: A High School D-Man’s Story” they are introducing us all to Zach, a gay high school hockey player who plays D for a school in the Midwest. The first installment, getting to know Zach’s love for the game from when he first started out skating, is a good read. I’m looking forward to the future installments to see what it’s like for Zach to be gay and play the sport in high school.

It’s also cool that PuckBuddys got picked up by The New York Times today for this series. Craig and Doug, the brains behind the site, deserve the attention for cultivating a site that not only covers hockey for the gay audience, but also takes on a story like Zach’s.

Make sure to drop by the site, check out the team coverage and give a read to Zach’s story.