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Hockey History

The era of weekly hockey has run out.

Last night was my final game, an NYCGHA showdown between the Boxers and the Wizards. Sadly the Boxers came up on the on the losing side (3-1), but the team played a great game. I’m pleased with how I played my final game with some good D, as well as picking up a hat trick of penalties (two of them were necessary to prevent scoring, and one I could’ve avoided but decided to take down a player who deserved it).

The logos above represent a just some of the teams I’ve played on since I started in 2002. I started on the Tigers, and believe I’ve been on the Tigers roster every season the Tigers has played. I had a few seasons on the Wizards, until the attitude of the team became one I didn’t want to be a part of. I co-founded and captained the Ordinals for several seasons. I had a great summer season with the Blizzard, which happened because the NYCGHA ran out of space and I was picked up by them. I started with the Boxers when they formed in the same division as the Wizards and I’ve had a great time on that team. There’ve been other teams, summer time groups put together like the Pink Panthers, Bombers, Westies, Storm to name a few.

I also went to the Montreal Outgames in 2006 with the Wizards and had an amazing time. Plus I’ve played in 12 Chelsea Challenge tournaments and won a few medals along the way. There were also the years that I did crazy early practice at Ronnie’s Ice, which make up some of my favorite times at the rink.

I’ve met so many awesome people at Sky Rink. Far more than I can list out here… and with any list I’m sure I’d  leave out some important people. These folks have been great to play with. They’ve been hugely supportive with Cycle for the Cause fundraising. They’ve been inspirational in many ways. It’s been great spending so many Saturday nights in their company. I’ve seen some relationships start and grow (it’s great to watch love come out of hockey). And I’ve made some friends I know I’ll keep for the rest of my life whether or not I’m living here.

As Will and I move back to Humboldt County, California, we gain a lot of things, but I lose hockey. In the grand scheme of things I’m okay with that. The pros outweigh that con. I likely won’t play again until Chelsea Challenge 2014. It’ll be interesting to see what that’ll be like since that’s nearly a year away. Is hockey like riding a bike, something you don’t really forget how to do? Or, will it be all kinds of disastrous? Time will tell!

In the meantime, thanks to everyone I’ve shared the ice with. It’s been an excellent run.