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BankersHoursLGIt’s well known that I’m a Wade Kelly fan. Her latest, Banker’s Hours, is an absolute delight. It’s angst quotient is low compared to my two absolute favorites (Misplaced Affection and Names Can Never Hurt Me) so it’s an idea light read. And, just to say upfront, the fact that Wade named characters after me and Will has no impact on this review.

The story centers on Grant, a bank teller who has moved to a new town and is trying to settle in. He’s finicky, liking things just so, and has had a series of really bad first dates. He’s looking for mister right, but isn’t sure he’ll show up. One of the bank’s customers though catches his eye. Tristin, however, has a carefully structured life, that includes a daughter, and he’s going to need a good reason to change up his routine–and come out.

Grant and Tristin’s courtship is adorable. They’re opposites in many ways–Tristin’s a bit of a mess, for example, while Grant is very tidy. In fact, this provides some of the funniest moments in the story. For these two opposites intensely attract. The back and forth between these two is completely realistic as they get to know everything about each other. Grant’s overprotective mom is an interesting twist, while Tristin’s ex-wife keeps things very interesting for the duo.

I loved Wade’s easy going style with this book. There’re obstacles to be sure, but nothing too crazy. This is a wonderful romance that Wade’s fans will love and it’s also a great first book for people who are new to Wade.