Of course with the start of the new year comes the pondering of goals… along with how I did on last year’s goals.

Here’s the recap of ’08:

  • Still better fitness: I’d basically say I didn’t do good here at all. We ate out way too much, which made keeping pounds off difficult. I also had trouble managing working out with the job for a bit in the late summer and fall and then trying to get Neutral Zone finished during November and December.
  • Neutral Zone continues: NZ continued and finished as I entered it into the Delacorte Press Young Adult Novel contest right at the end of the year.
  • Volunteering: I wrote “this must happen” and then it didn’t. This makes me sad.
  • Hockey: I played a lot in the past year, including being on the Tigers when they got to playoffs last fall and got a silver medal and captained Purple Rain to silver in the Chelsea Challenge. But I also felt my game plateaued for a bit in the fall, although it seemed to bounce back as the year closed out.
  • Vacation: We had an awesome trip to Provincetown!

Here’s what I’m planning for 2009:

  • Volunteering: I’m disappointed with myself that I didn’t get this moving in ’08. As the year ended I started looking at some opportunities. I’m very interested in working with the LGBT Community Center or The Ali Forney Center, which works with homeless LGBT youth.
  • Fitness: This still lurks here. As noted above, we eat out too much and part of the fitness goal is to stop that during the week (I’m not crazy enough to say we’re not going to eat out once during the weekend). I’m also going to dive into a new workout plan for the new year that I’ll do my best to make sure doesn’t get derailed.
  • Writing: Neutral Zone may be finished, but I plan to keep writing through the year. I’ll be looking for places that want short stories, especially getting back into The First Line. And, if NZ, fails to win the Delacorte Prize, I’ll be looking at other options for getting it published.
  • Job: I want to keep learning new things. I’m learning a lot right now about the IT/Systems part of things as I help manage some projects for the IT group. I learned a lot last year doing Monopoly and that was great. So I want to keep that going as much as possible.
  • Hockey: There are aspects here that need to be fixed. Most importantly, I want my skills to continue to grow. I didn’t like the plateau I was on for a while and I need to find ways to avoid that. I must also make sure that I experience the joy of playing on all the teams I play for because right now that is not always the case.