I had a great time yesterday at the Rainbow Book Fair. I spent most of the day at the Dreamspinner Press table with the other Dreamspinner authors (from left to right that’s Clare London, Andrew Grey, Carolyn LeVine Topol, Marguerite Labbe, Felicitas Ivey and me). It was a good learning experience watching the authors work the table and the crowd. I handed out some of the free things we had, such as CDs with book excerpts and coupons for discounts on the website.

I kicked myself Friday night because I could’ve planned better and had something on the table for Rivals, which couldn’t be with the rest of the books becuase Rivals is only in e-book format. Around 11pm, the idea struck that I could’ve done a postcard or a pamphlet that used the cover art, offered a summary or brief excerpt as well as the link to the buy the story. Unfortunately I didn’t have the materials in the house to print those up. A lesson learned for next time.

Besides watching the authors interact with the crowd, it was great hearing how they approach their writing–from when they get it squeezed into their day to how many things they work on at one time, where inspiration comes from and what the people around them think of their writing.

I also attended some of the fair’s readings and a went to the panel on the young adult/kids market. Of course, way too many books were purchased, but with the sale prices offered at the fair Will and I couldn’t help but shop. After all, it’s important to support LGBT literature!