The Dancer & Sexy Big Man” published today from Dreamspinner Press (eBook ISBN: 978-1-61581-650-7). This was a fun story to write since it focuses on dance competition shows, in particular So You Think You Can Dance which is the inspiration for the story’s America’s Next Top Dancer.

You can head over to Dreamspinner’s blog and read a more about the story. You’ll find what I’m calling a “Behind the Scenes” post since it talks about the idea of the story as well as details the song list. As you can imagine, a story that has a dance element has a lot of music references.

While you’re at DSP to look at (and hopefully purchase) “The Dancer & Sexy Big Man,” you can check out my other story at DSP, “Rivals.”

Please keep in mind both of these stories contain adult situations. If these stories were photos, they’d be identified as NSFW.