comingSoonIt’s been too long since I’ve provided some updates. I’m excited to announce two releases that are coming up, one in time for the holidays and one to kick off the new year.


As you may know, Rivals is the first stand alone short story I ever published. It came out from Dreamspinner in late 2009 and stayed with them until them until late 2013. I decided to bring it back since it’s a favorite story of mine. JMS Books will publish a new, extended version on December 7. Within the next couple weeks I’ll be able to reveal the cover and announce details on the blog tour for it.

Here’s the blurb:

Mitchell Turner and Alex Goodman squared off over a face-off dot throughout high school. Their schools were cross-country rivals. Those face-offs were tough on Mitchell because he harbored a huge crush on Alex. High school, and college, are behind the guys and they meet unexpectedly on Thanksgiving Day, once again on the ice. Mitchell is home for the holidays and is thrilled to see his crush all grown up.

Alex asks Mitchell out for coffee to catch up. Could this be the start of something magical for the holidays…and beyond?

[h3]Hat Trick Overtime: Summer Camp[/h3]

With the success that Hat Trick Overtime: A Classic Winter’s Night had this past January, I decided to do another short story to show a little bit more of what Simon and Alex are up to. It’s referenced a couple times in the novels that the guys like to go camping. Well, their doing it up right during the summer between their junior and senior years by combining camping and hockey in Hat Trick Overtime: Summer Camp. This short will come out in mid-January (the exact date will be announced soon). There’ll be much more to say about this in December when I’ll be able to show off the cover and such.

Here’s the blurb (still subject to revision):

In this installment of the Hat Trick series, Simon & Alex, along with their best friend Leo, are off to summer camp as coaches at new hockey facility. They work closely with a sixteen-year-old, Dylan, to help him improve his game because he feels he must improve his game so he can score a scholarship since his family can’t easily pay for college. While camp is a pretty awesome place for them to spend summer, they do have to deal with Sergei, another coach, who is making unwanted advances on both of them.

Stay tuned for more details on both of these. Also, to make sure you don’t miss any news on upcoming releases, you can sign up for my newsletter.