Love: Limited Edition by Elle Keaton

Rory is visiting his parents in Hollyridge, a small town in the heart of Oregon’s wine country. While strolling down Main Street, he notices a new bookshop. Inside Lazy Dog Books he is charmed by Brett, the handsome owner, and his black lab Lucille, the aforementioned lazy dog. They take her for an evening walk at the park and later Bret asks Rory to join him for a drink at one of the many wine tasting rooms that make Hollyridge so popular with tourists.

The next day, Rory has gone back to his life in Seattle and Brett is kicking himself for not getting his number. Through Rory’s parents, Bret gets his contact info and heads to the big city, showing up at the coffee shop where Rory works. They go out on a real date and spend the night exploring their undeniable sexual chemistry. They’ve got something special and make plans for a new life together back in Hollyridge.

I really enjoyed Love: Limited Edition. Not only does it feature an engaging romance between two nice guy/cinnamon roll heroes, but it also has some wonderful secondary plotlines – like how Rory’s improved relationship with his parents leads to them joining PFLAG, proving it’s never too late to become an ally. And there’s also Jeff, Rory’s roommate from Seattle, who has a rough time coming out, so he joins our heroes in their move to Hollyridge to start fresh.

This is a sexy/sweet contemporary romance novella is filled with lots of heart. It’s got small town charm, books, dogs, and romance… what more can you ask for?

Love – Limited Edition is available in both ebook and audiobook formats.