Cabin Fervor by Jim Provenzano

Ernie and Jase are boyfriends and Broadway chorus boys who are out of work. In the early days of covid, they break up the monotony and anxiety of pandemic life by helping out Sam, an old friend. He urges them to get out of the city, his cabin upstate is a perfect getaway.

Rural life is big change for them. Slowly, but surely, the boys become accustomed to their small-town neighbors, and the realities of living in the middle of nowhere.

Surrounded by the forest, woodland creatures, and not much else, they find several ways to pass the time. One is by making a provocative video in which Ernie does a suggestive striptease in the snow while belting out a tune from the movie Frozen. Their viral fame as sexy online content creators is fun, but who will save them when they find a mountain lion in their kitchen one morning? An old friend perhaps?

Cabin Fervor is a great short that takes a peek at how one special couple copes with the unique struggles of staying happy and healthy during a pandemic. This story offers heart, humor, and just a touch of political commentary.

Thank you, Jim Provenzano, for this fun/sexy story of plucky resilience. Kudos to artist Dave Cantero for the cover illustration that delightfully captures Ernie’s big moment.