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I discovered the Art of Steve Walker a few years ago because his work graced the cover of novels by Michael Thomas Ford. From the very first one I was struck by the composition of the paintings and the at-ease portrayal of men in them. These are all men comfortable in their own skin, comfortable with each other… just normal guys (sometimes in love, sometimes just friends) hanging out. The works are also simply beautiful.

In 2003, a calendar was done of Walker’s art and we happily picked it up. We kept that calendar and even framed some of the images because we liked them so well. One of my favorites is the one shown here. I admit that I can imagine Will and I standing along a water front in a very similar pose (he’d be the one holding the umbrella since umbrellas and I don’t get along). According to Walker’s website, his work is exhibited at a gallery in Provincetown. While we’re there on vacation in August, we’re going to stop by. It would be very cool to own a piece of his art. If you’d like to see more of Walker’s art, see his work online at Lyman-Eyer Gallery.