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We went over to the South Street Seaport today to grab lunch, hit tkts so we could see A Catered Affair tomorrow afternoon and to check out the new New York City Waterfalls that were installed this week. We saw three of the four waterfalls: Brooklyn Bridge, Pier 35 and the Brooklyn Piers (we couldn’t see the one at Governor’s Island). It was very cool to see these artificial waterfalls in place. I shot a quick video of the Brooklyn Bridge and Pier 35 waterfalls. They’re a bit hard to see in the clip, but I think you’ll get the idea. You can see them much better going to the NYC Waterfalls link above.

The footage was shot with my latest toy, a Flip Video camera. Flip is a 1 x 2 x4 video camera that shoots up to 60 minutes of digital video. It also transfers the video straight to YouTube (like I did with the video above), to an email or to the hard drive. It has some pretty powerful looking video software built in too to let you merge clips together, add music, etc. I’ll be playing with that more in the coming weeks.

The camera looked like the perfect thing to take on our August P-town vacation. Plus I’m just going to carry it in my backpack. Who knows what I might end up shooting. I know I plan to video some of the Broadway in Bryant Park lunchtime concert series when it starts up in a couple weeks. I’m sure you’ll see more of my video endeavors right here in the near future.